Doktor Roboter


Once a brilliant scientist with optimistic outlook and thirst for knowledge for selfless means, [Roboter] was crushed under first the heel of the Nazi war-machine industry, then the Cold War Soviet war-machine industry, only to be “rescued” by the US war-machine industry.

Naturally advanced in age, he was presumed dead in a lab accident. As there were several corroborating witnesses to [Roboter] burning to death, this was not questioned. Then the work unique to [Roboter] fantastic mind was continued by someone calling themselves “Doktor Roboter”.

Little more than a brain in a jar with fantastic devices of all descriptions at his virtual fingertips, Roboter has of late begun seeking out an alternate, artificial means of continuing his existence. It seems his advanced age can’t be halted and he seeks other means to preserve his intellect.

To that end, he employed a jewel thief to scan the diamond for suitability for neural imprinting. She instead stole the diamond and returned to his cloaked vessel. Alas, the diamond was found to be insufficient, and was returned. [Museum Heist]

Doktor Roboter

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